Three ideas that I intend to explore regarding diversity are, to look for common ground, speak and listen with cultural sensitivity and develop a support system.

Three money strategies that I’d like to use right away are, do comparison shopping, save money on eating and drinking and don’t compete with big spenders.

After monitoring my income and expenses for 1 month I was surprised to discover that I spend money on unnecessary things.

When it comes to money, I am skilled at giving it away.

When it comes to money I am not skilled at saving.

I could increase my income by doing side jobs.

I could spend less money on Suzi.

After thinking about the most powerful step I can take right now to improve my finances, I intend to work on my spending habits and to start being disciplined about saving.

What concerns me more than anything else about my health right now is, that I’m alive to see my Grandchildren grow up.

I discovered that after watching television and seeing a MacDonald commercial I began to get very hungry and it was 3:00 in the morning.

I intend to make better decisions regarding going out to get that burger by not responding to the advertisement. 





Journal 16-20

The three techniques that I definitely intend to use are 1). Base my decisions on a life plan, because the benefit of having long term goals for our lives if that they provide a basis for many of our daily decisions.  2). Recognize my decisions. Decisions are more then wishes or desires.3). Evaluate my decisions. After I act on a decision I should observe the consequences over time.

When I chose my major I discovered that my ability counted as much as my interest. I intend to thoroughly investigate the scriptures and will consult different ones who have study ministry.

The three ideas that can help me get my feelings and ideas across more skillfully are, for me to state the problem, by using I messages, State all points of view by summing up viewpoints in words that the other persons can accept and then focus on solutions. ( P. 247 )

I discovered that I prefer conversations that allow me to be understood.

I discovered that I usually feel uncomfortable in conversations when other people feel that they know it all.

When people do things listed in item 2, I tend to make certain assumptions such as who does he/she think they are.

As an alternative to making the assumptions listed in item 3 I intend, listen without criticizing.

The things that are not working in my relationship with my son and is wife are, they seem to take advantage of a good thing and that really bugs me because I truly love them both, however them taking advantage is very irritating.

I intend to avoid finding fault in my relationship with my son and daughter in law and to look at the positive things that are happening in their lives.



Journal prompts 12-15

I review my notes immediately after class- sometimes.

I conduct weekly reviews of my notes- sometimes

I make a summary of my notes- seldom

I edit my notes within 24 hours- never

Before class, I conduct a brief review of the notes I took in the previous class- sometimes

I want my test taking experience to change, to me not feeling so anxious. The strategies that I will use to accomplish my goals are Do daily reviews, Do major reviews, and create a study checklist.

As exam time gets closer one thing that I notice that I do is get anxious. When it comes to taking test I have trouble remembering. The night before a test I usually feel fine. The morning of a test, I usually feel a little nervous. During a test I feel very nervous. After a test I feel wow it’s over. When I learn a test score, I usually feel at ease.

The excuses that I’ve used to avoid studying are, I’m tired I’ll do it later, I’ve got to take a break, the Grandchildren are making a lot of noise, I’m hungry. I discovered that the excuses I make are all about me I this I that. I intend to stop saying that I’m tired every time I need to study by doing this I would have awarded my self better study habits



Create value

This one is major for me ” Stop Procrastination ” I’m first going to discover the cost, by finding out whether procrastination keeps me from what I want. I’m then going to discover my procrastination style by observing my behavior, Avoid judgements. Record the facts. Then I’m going to trick myself into getting started. (Ellis 2013, 2011, 2009, P. 86 )

Study difficult or boring subjects first, with this out of the way the rest of the day can be a breeze. ( p. 89 ).

Learn to say no. This I have a problem with, it seems hard for me to say know and I guess it’s because I want others to always like me. However according to Ellis saying no is a time saver and a valuable life skill for everyone. ( P. 91 ).


Journal prompts 1, 2, 4,

I discovered that what I want most from my education is, to first and foremost get my degree in Christian Ministry, learn to be a great lecturer, and to be able to counsel those that are in need.

I intend to use, the modes of learning to explore my career, knowing about learning styles becomes useful when planning my career.   I’m going to look for specific clues to another persons style. and I,m going to learn how to accept change (Ellis 2013, 2011, 2009 P.45)

What I want from my education is my degree. When I complete my education I want to be able to say that I have accomplished my goal in that I learned more about ministry. I also want to be able to help others and to be a teacher and a student of the Word of God.

My purpose for being in school is to live and abundant life that is filled with happiness, prosperity, peace, health, and love,

Journal Prompt 28

I discovered that what I want out of life is to be a better communicator as well as gaining a critical thinker, and I have discovered that higher education is the key. According to Ellis through higher education you are simply gaining knowledge and skills that reflect and reinforce this view.

To get what I want from my life I intend to, I plan to tell the truth about my current abilities. As per Ellis, the very act of accepting who I am and what I can do right now unleashes a powerful force for personal change. If I can first visualize where I want to be then I set myself up to succeed. (Ellis 2013, 2011, 2009, p.352).

My future plan

After taking my first college course, Foundations for Christian Living, I plan to further my education. Although it’s been very challenging, I’ve found myself wanting to learn more. After learning how to communicate more effectively, it has helped me with my overall presentation of my sermons. While I don’t feel that I have mastered the art of critical thinking, I intend to improve on that skill by continuing to study, read and study some more. it is my desire to be the best at what I do. I feel I’ve changed to the point where I have become more disciplined in my studies, however I still have a long way to go to accomplish the goal that I really want, which is to be very disciplined in my studies. I don’t feel as of yet that I can actually call myself a Christian Scholar because I have a long way to go however when all is said and done It will be said of me one day. What I’ve learned I can sincerely say my communication & my critical thinking skills will help me to promote these attributes to my peers as well as lay members in the congregation.